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      Packed with points

      Get a Servus Mastercard® and you could win one million reward points.

      Fork lift struggling to lift an oversize Servus Credit Union World Elite Mastercard.

      Apply* for a Servus Mastercard® today and you could win one million Circle Rewards points; that's a $10,000 value – redeemable for travel, merchandise, cash-back credit on your statement or even a Servus investment product.

      Plus, we'll waive your first annual fee and reduce your fee in years two and three by 50% - that's up to $300† in savings!

      Apply by October 15, 2019 by calling 1.877.378.8728 or visiting a Servus branch

      Read the contest rules and regulations

      *Contest rules and regulations apply.

      †This exclusive offer is available on any Servus Mastercard when you apply by October 15, 2019. Applicable annual fees will be waived in the first year and discounted by 50% in the second and third year. A credit check and income qualifications will be required to complete the application. To take advantage of this offer you need to become a Servus Member.

      Mastercard and World Elite are registered trademarks, and the circles design is a trademark of Mastercard International Incorporated. ™The Servus logo and the Servus Circle graphic device are trademarked properties of Servus Credit Union Ltd.

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      I am interested.

      Fill out this form and a Servus advisor will contact you soon to discuss your credit card needs or fill out the application.

      The information you provide to the Credit Union with your application will be treated as confidential, but subject to the following: 
      a.   The Credit Union will use and must be free to use that information and any other information you give to the Credit Union for such purposes or the Credit Union considers desirable in respect of assessment, approval, completion or administration of your loan and in promoting the Credit Union's services and facilities to you. 
      b.   The Credit Union will give the Applicant Information to credit bureaus, credit reporting agencies and other financial institutions, to insurers and to Credit Union employees. 
      c.   Servus Credit Union may use the information provided by the Applicant in this form to recommend suitable products and services, should they be determined to meet the Applicant's needs. At no time will this information be made available or sold to any company not related to, or providing support services to, Servus Credit Union.

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