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      Mastercard® credit cards

      Servus Circle Rewards?

      Earn points as you spend

      At Servus, we look at the whole financial picture. That's why a Servus Mastercard with Circle Rewards isn’t just a credit card, it's a tool that can help you meet your financial goals. Redeem your points towards a Servus investment product, your next family vacation or as cash back onto your credit card balance.

      Invest your Circle Rewards Find out more

      Get the most out of your banking with a Servus Credit Union Mastercard

      World Elite Mastercard

      Get 2 Circle Reward points for every $1 spent.

      Premium benefits

      Gold Mastercard

      Get 1 Circle Reward point for every $1 spent.

      Travel coverage

      Low Rate Mastercard

      Save more with a low annual interest rate.

      Low rate

      No Fee Mastercard

      Build your credit and cash flow with no annual fee.

      No fee

      Give your business financial convenience and control 

      Business Rewards

      Turn your business purchases into Servus Circle Rewards?.

      Earn points

      Business Low Rate

      Put more money back into your business.

      Low rate

      Business No Fee

      Have access to credit without the annual fee.

      No fee

      Business credit cards

      Not sure which Mastercard is right for you?

      Compare cards

      Manage your Servus Mastercard

      You may have questions about managing your account, and we have some tips to help you.

      Sign in to your Mastercard account

      See your banking, Servus Mastercard and Servus Circle RewardsTM information in one place.

      Important documents

      Access documents such as Mastercard account agreement, insurance notice, certificate of insurance etc.

      Account management

      Find valuable information about changing your PIN, signing up for e-statements, supplementary cardholders, fraud alerts and recurring bill payments.

      Balance protection insurance

      The last thing you want to worry about during difficult times is making your credit card payments. See how we can help.

      Ways to pay

      Manage your payment cards and make purchases on-the-go, all from your digital devices.

      Balance account transfer

      Pay off your outstanding credit card balances faster, which helps pay off your debt faster and save on interest charges.


      Additional resources

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      We've gathered all the things you should consider as part of our travel mini-series. Read the post ?

      Credit 101

      Just because credit is common, doesn't mean it's easy to understand. We've got answers. ?

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      Fill out this form and a Servus advisor will contact you soon to discuss your credit card needs or fill out the application.

      The information you provide to the Credit Union with your application will be treated as confidential, but subject to the following: 
      a.   The Credit Union will use and must be free to use that information and any other information you give to the Credit Union for such purposes or the Credit Union considers desirable in respect of assessment, approval, completion or administration of your loan and in promoting the Credit Union's services and facilities to you. 
      b.   The Credit Union will give the Applicant Information to credit bureaus, credit reporting agencies and other financial institutions, to insurers and to Credit Union employees. 
      c.   Servus Credit Union may use the information provided by the Applicant in this form to recommend suitable products and services, should they be determined to meet the Applicant's needs. At no time will this information be made available or sold to any company not related to, or providing support services to, Servus Credit Union.

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      ? Mastercard and World Elite are registered trademarks, and the circles design is a trademark of Mastercard international incorporated and is used under licence.
      ?/? Trademark(s) of Servus Credit Union.


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