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      We stand with those who think outside the bank

      We support non-profit businesses like Aspire who challenge the status quo and take action. They are born from a desire to make a difference and inspire others to build more positive and inclusive communities.

      They're the challengers driven by purpose – just like us.

      We support those who think outside the bank.

      Let's meet

      We'll support your organization...

      Community banking plan

      Whether you're a food bank, minor hockey club or volunteer fire department, we understand you have unique needs and challenges. We know you rely on customized solutions and committed partners to reach your goals. Just like you, we're driven by a purpose – to improve the financial wellness of our members.

      Financial resiliency

      Our advisors will work closely with you to manage your surplus funds responsibly in order to achieve your goals. You'll also enjoy peace of mind knowing that Servus has a 100% deposit guarantee on all deposits and the interest they earn.


      Servus has deep roots in the communities we serve. You'll see us at local events, volunteering in the community and raising funds for worthy causes. Our employees are encouraged to give back to the community, both during work hours and non-working hours.

      Think outside the bank

      We support those who think outside the bank

      Non-profit organizations provide vital services to Albertans all across our amazing province. Like you, Servus is purpose driven and we're proud of the work we do with non-profits. We're a full service financial institution that thinks the way you do. Weather it's your banking needs, employee group benefits or customized financial advice, we have a solution for you.

      We're both about community.

      When I first met Servus Credit Union, there was an instant connection on our missions. We're both about community.

      ???? Leslie Evans, Federation of Calgary Communities


      Managing my organization

      Looking for ways to make your work easier? As a non-profit, you’ll want to spend more time doing the work and less on administration.

      Getting started

      While there are many similarities to running a small business, there are also different regulations governing this type of organization.


      You depend on fundraising to reach your goals. In addition to making people aware of your efforts, there are many guidelines that must be followed.

      Succession Planning

      Many people depend on not-for-profit organizations. You’ll want to see the good work you’ve set in motion continue into the future.

      Think outside the bank

      Are you a challenger?

      Become a Servus non-profit member and join a growing list of Alberta non-profits who also think outside the bank.
      Let's meet

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