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      Profit Share® stories

      When we share our profits with you, our members, you do amazing things. These are your stories of how Servus profit sharing has made a difference in your lives and communities. Enjoy them, and please send us your Profit Share stories at your.story@servus.ca

      "This was one of those days when the ‘spirit of giving’ couldn’t have happened at a better time."

      servus profit share hold hands hor

      For a lot of people, Christmas causes a lot of financial stress. Last year I worked with a couple who found it challenging to balance the obligations of the season with their financial reality. With some unexpected medical expenses adding to the stress, they came into the branch to talk about solutions. It only took a moment for me to see that their Profit Share was substantial. They hadn’t realized that Profit Share had recently been paid out so they were overjoyed to discover that they now had enough money to cover their unexpected costs while still making their mortgage payment and traveling to Edmonton to visit their new granddaughter. This was one of those days when the 'spirit of giving' couldn't have happened at a better time.

      -Cindy Hockley, Grimshaw

      "She thanked me over and over and said, 'that’s exactly why I bank with Servus'."

      servus profit share pet

      One of the members I has working with a few months ago was having a tough time with a bunch of unexpected expenses. One of the more challenging ones was a substantial vet bill. It was one of those things you had to pay for because she loved her pet. But she really couldn’t afford it. I started looking into getting her a short-term loan, but then noticed that she had a couple hundred dollars in Profit Share. I asked her if she was aware of this and she said she had forgotten about it. She quickly realized that was enough to cover her vet bill and almost started to cry from the relief of the stress it was causing her. She thanked me over and over and said "That’s exactly why I bank with Servus." I just said, "That’s exactly why we’re here."

      -Shannalee MacDonald, Medicine Hat

      "There was a collective 'What?' from everyone who wasn't a Servus member."

      servus profit share trip to vegas

      There is a pretty big group of us who do a trip to Las Vegas every year. This past year when we were waiting in the airport lounge for our flight to board, a couple of our friends remarked that their Servus Profit Share was paying for their entire trip. There was a collective “What?” from everyone who wasn’t a Servus member. Another friend went on to explain that Servus shares their profits every year with their members and that the more banking you do with them, the more you earn. Everyone who was with a regular bank was kind of in shock. Of course they had never received anything like that from their bank, never mind every year. Almost everyone stated that they were switching to Servus when they got home and most have. So it goes without saying that the trip to Vegas this year is going to be next level!

      - Kris Mathers, Medicine Hat

      He couldn't believe he had earned so much

      servus profit share washroom

      Recently I had the pleasure of letting an unsuspecting Servus member know that they had over $2,000 in their Profit Share account. He couldn’t believe that he had earned so much, so I explained to him that his Profit Share amount is based on how much banking he does with us and that he had done quite a lot over the past year. After talking about a few investment options for his unexpected money, he decided that the best option for him was to use it to pay for his bathroom renovation that had gone over budget. He was thrilled and relieved that he didn’t have to use further savings or go into debt to finish his project. It felt really great to make this member’s day. He couldn’t thank me enough and left saying that “now he knows where it pays to bank.”

      - Jodilyn Ringdahl, Servus Credit Union

      Thank you

      servus profit share hold hands hor

      A few weeks ago I was helping a woman with some basic banking and remarked that she had a nice balance in her Profit Share account. She looked a little surprised and slightly confused and asked “Oh, how much?” I told her the balance was just under $12,000 then asked if she had any plans for it. She didn’t, so I suggested that she meet with a Servus financial planner. After a quick conversation with our financial planner, she moved her Profit Share to an interest-bearing savings account and then it was her turn to surprise us. She told us that she had over $1,000,000 at another bank that hadn’t spoken with her in years. We quickly set up another meeting with her and developed a plan for the entire amount. She happily moved all of her money over to Servus and thanked us for taking the time to work with her. All we could do was thank her because that’s what we do for everyone. Just not with so much money.

      - Natasha Stewart, North Hill Branch


      servus profit share piggy bank

      As a Servus member services rep, I love finding ways to help our members in any way I can. Recently, I had the pleasure of working with a grandmother who wanted to share a significant amount of money with her grandchildren before she passed away. She wanted to enjoy watching how that money was helping them but she was quite concerned that she couldn’t afford to remove so much money from her savings. While I listened to her story, I scanned her accounts to see if I could find a way to help her provide her grandchildren with this generous gift. When I informed her that she had almost the exact amount of money she wanted to give within her Profit Share account, she was shocked. Or in her words, flabbergasted. She didn’t even realize she had been receiving Profit Share over the years and it had accumulated to an amount she never thought possible. As I completed the necessary transfers, she began to cry. With a smile and a little dust in my eye, I thanked her for being a Servus member and she thanked me for looking after her so well. On days like these, I absolutely love my job.

      -Lauralee Wygiera, Ponoka branch

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