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      Profit Share® Rewards cash

      We pay our members millions

      We reward your loyalty with cold, hard cash

      The more business you do with Servus, the more Profit Share Rewards cash you earn. That's cash at the end of the year, just for banking with us. 
      See full program details What is Profit Share?

      Profit Share? Rewards Calculator

      Estimate your annual cash back. Adjust the sliders below to reflect the average monthly balance of your Servus accounts in each category. Then talk with one of our experts to see how Profit Share Rewards? can help you reach your goals sooner, and put more money in your pocket.

      Chequing & Savings
      Total cash back


      This calculator is for informational and illustrative purposes only and is not intended to be a substitute for professional advice. The calculation is dependent on the accuracy and completeness of the data you enter and is not guaranteed. Individual circumstances may differ; a representative from Servus Credit Union can help you determine your eligibility for Profit Share and how to enhance your Profit Share payment. Investments at Servus Credit Union include GICs and term deposits in both registered and non-registered accounts. Other investments available through Servus Wealth Strategies are not eligible for Profit Share at this time. Profit Share figures shown in this calculator are based on the 2019 Servus Credit Union Profit Share Program model as approved by the Board of Directors for Servus.


      How can I use my Profit Share rewards cash?

      Invest for your future

      We have products and services for every type of investor and every dollar amount.

      See your options

      Start saving for a goal

      It can be difficult to set realistic goals and keep your spending under control. Let us help.

      Learn how

      Pay down your debt

      Is your debt growing faster than you can pay it off? We can help get things back to normal.

      Reduce your debt

      Talk to an advisor

      Expert investment advice. That’s the value Servus Credit Union offers you.

      Find an advisor

      See how Profit Share® Rewards has made a difference in our members' lives and communities.

      Believe it. You can feel good about your money.
      Read the stories Speak to an advisor today

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